Finally organized that bookshelf!

And by bookshelf I mean all three of my bookshelves, herp.  And just the books - I’m saving the big boxes o’ random shit for another day.

But pretty pleased.

Left: mostly various degrees ranging from skiffy to sci-fi to science fiction to SF, with some fantasy and random YA shit thrown in (Lemony Snicket, looking at you).  Also some horror, crime, mystery, thrillers.  Arranged by author in clumps.

Middle: Top shelf is for mindfuck and ponderous tomes (stuff like Pynchon, House of Leaves, my heavy editions of Sherlock Holmes).  Bottom shelf is nonfiction, arranged roughly by subject.

Right:  Terry Pratchett gets his own shelf, sharing it with my lit anthologies.  Then a shelf for /lit/ shit, aka the stuff they teach in class and I’m unlikely to reread.  Bottom shelf is guilty pleasures - humor, puzzles, and some trashy-ass lit (PUBLISHED SMUTFIC OF PRIDE AND PREJUDICE FROM THAT PHASE OF MY LIFE) ahem.